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                      About us

                      Zheao Elevator Co., Ltd.

                      Zheao Elevator Co., Ltd. is a sino-American comprehensive multinational company specializing in manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance of elevators and escalators. The headquarters of the Company is located in Sanmen Bay along the east coast of Zhejiang Province. The Company covers an area of 53,280 square meters and construction area of 45,000 square meters, and has excellent production and testing equipment at home and abroad. The Company's main products are sold in China, Africa, America and other countries and regions.

                      • Floor area:


                      • Building area:


                      • Factory floor space:



                      ZHEAO operates strictly according to the "ISO9001-2008", "ISO14001", "OHSAS18001" and other relevant international standard systems. There is alsoa 24-hours free service hotline, a nationwide service network and spare parts supply system, which all provide customers with considerate services and support.


                      Our advantages

                      PASSENGER ELEVATOR SERIES

                      1. Low noise

                        VVVF inverter drive, more energy efficient and more comfortable

                      2. High cost performance

                        Ordinary investment, worth a hundred times

                      3. Charming sight

                        Feature rich decorative style of the building with the environment do not match

                      4. Smooth Running

                        High precision manufacturing inorganic gear operation, closed-loop VVVF drive, start-up and stop smoothly and comfortably

                      Villa elevator series

                      1. Body infrared induction function

                        When infrared induction of human body monitors that passengers have been kept in the home lift for more than 5 minutes. the system will take the initiative to alarm. Ensure the passengers emergency is found in time, and keep your family safe at any time

                      2. Emergency auto landing to floor system

                        To prevent accidental power cut off, the elevator can be used ARD emergency flat layer power, to ensure that the power suddenly power off, can let the elevator still has enough power to the safety of the passengers to the nearest station

                      EXTERNAL SHAFT ELEVATOR

                      1. Covers less area

                        It covers an area of only 4m3, and does not affect the original building pipeline devices and fire access as far as possible

                      2. Low power supply requirement

                        It requires no special approval of electricity, applicable to civil power 220V;

                      3. Fast installation

                        95% of the pre-assembly and professional commissioning are completed in the factory, without on-site cutting or welding, and the installation cycle is short with field cranes

                      Freight elevator

                      1. Large width door opening, free entry/exit

                        For the convenience of free entry/exit of large bulk freight, ZHEAO freight elevator series apply multi-tolded car structures. It can reach maximum width while opening the car door

                      2. The multiple door opening modes

                        In order to satisfy different entry/exit requirements from vast users, ZHEAO freight elevator offers four door opening modes of side opening, center opening double-folded door, one-way door opening opposite door opening. It can flexibly match with the factory, warehouse, department store, shopping center, housing property management center etc

                      ESCALATOR SERIES

                      1. Low noise

                        The large size dimeter of step roller operates minimizes the noise and prolongs the product life

                      2. Long life

                        The truss utilizes first class rectangle steel with unique structure, high strength and nice anti-corruption durable features

                      3. More secure

                        The human-oriented handrail entrance is secured by brush

                      4. Elegant and attractive

                        Etched stainless steel front panels are available with various varieties

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                      Classic case

                      • Urumqi Qingfeng Orthopaedic Hospital

                        Hospital Elevator
                      • Zheshang Wealth Center

                        Passenger Elevator
                      • Phase I Sigma Co., Ltd.

                        Freight Elevator
                      • Phase I of Hongda Guosheng Pingliang International Trade City

                        Escalator Series
                      • Xingyi Prison Shanty Town Reconstruction Project (Lot 3)

                        Residential elevator
                      • Liangan Jiayuan on Xibei Road of Haiyou Subdistrict in Sanmen County

                        External Shaft Elevator


                      Video of TV interview

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